What is a NIS2 Standard?

NIS2 stands for "Network and Information Systems Directive 2" and is a European standard aimed at improving cybersecurity across EU countries.

It is targeted towards companies and organizations that provide digital services as well as critical infrastructure, and which can have a significant impact on the functioning and security of society. This includes sectors such as energy, transportation, healthcare, finance, and water, as well as digital service providers such as cloud services and online marketplaces.

NIS2 requires these companies and organizations to implement a high level of cybersecurity, which includes identifying and managing cybersecurity risks, ensuring continuous operation, and reporting security breaches within 24 hours.

Why choose the NIS2 standard?

The consequences of non-compliance with NIS2 can include fines and sanctions, as well as loss of reputation and customers. Additionally, companies and organizations may be required to disclose security breaches, which can further damage their reputation and finances.

To comply with NIS2, companies and organizations need to assess their cybersecurity risks and implement appropriate measures to protect their networks and information systems. They should also ensure continuous monitoring of their systems and provide cybersecurity training to their personnel.

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Benefits of choosing the NIS2 Standard
  • Improves company's cybersecurity and minimizes vulnerabilities.
  • Facilitates smoother trade across the EU by adhering to a standardized cybersecurity framework.
  • Reduces the risk of devastating cyber attacks, which can save costs.
  • Enables the opportunity to be part of new sectors now covered by NIS2.
  • Improves incident reporting procedures, which can expedite recovery after an attack.
  • Promotes a proactive approach to risk management, helping to predict and prevent future threats.
  • Facilitates easier coordination with other companies and organizations in the EU on cybersecurity.
  • Increases the IT resilience of the company and maintains operations in the event of an attack.
  • Can enhance the company's reputation by demonstrating a commitment to high cybersecurity standards.
  • By complying with NIS2, potential sanctions and penalties can be avoided.
Who should choose the NIS2 Standard?

The standard primarily targets "essential" and "important" entities in critical sectors. These sectors include areas such as energy, transportation, the financial sector, and digital services.

Additionally, NIS2 can also be beneficial for smaller businesses and public institutions. Although they may not be directly subject to legal requirements, implementing the standard can help improve their cybersecurity level and align with EU security norms.