Artificial intelligence and its applications are a significant topic. It is already clear to everyone that the possibilities are numerous. Whether it's OpenAI's ChatGPT, Microsoft's Copilot, or more advanced programs and systems, AI will impact your business. However, the use of AI can raise a number of challenges that many companies face.

A significant challenge is the lack of expertise. Implementing AI requires specialized knowledge and skills that many companies may not have internally. This may necessitate investing in training or external consulting services.

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Ethical use of AI is also a central concern. Companies must ensure that their AI systems are used responsibly, respecting users' privacy and rights. This includes avoiding discrimination and bias in algorithms, which can be difficult to identify and correct.

Which areas can Leave a Mark assist with?

  1. Compliance with AI-legislation: We help your business understand and implement the latest laws and regulations within AI, including the EU’s AI Act, which sets requirements for transparency, safety, and responsible use of artificial intelligence. The AI Act classifies AI systems according to risk levels and establishes rules for each category, which is crucial for companies that want to use AI technologies responsibly. Read more about the new AI standard ISO42001.

  2. Compliance with GDPR: We have experience in how AI systems can be designed and implemented in compliance with GDPR, which protects individuals' personal data and sets requirements for data protection through the design of technology. This includes data minimization, purpose limitation, and the necessity of having a legal basis for data processing.

  3. Compliance with ISO standards: We guide your business in implementing relevant ISO standards such as ISO27001 (information security) and ISO27701 (data privacy), which are essential for ensuring structured and reliable data management. ISO27001 helps companies establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve an information security management system (ISMS).

  4. Ethical use of AI: Our experts advise on the ethical aspects of using AI, including the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability. We ensure that your AI solutions are developed and used in a responsible manner and in accordance with best practices. This includes avoiding bias in algorithms and ensuring transparency in decision-making processes.

  5. Risk assessments and governance: We help establish robust governance structures that ensure accountability in the use of AI, including risk assessment, internal controls, and compliance monitoring. This is crucial for meeting both national and international standards and legal requirements.

AI Act

The EU’s AI Act is an attempt to address some of the aforementioned challenges by creating a harmonized regulatory framework for the development and use of AI. The AI Act classifies AI systems according to risk levels and sets different requirements for each category. High-risk AI systems, which are used in critical infrastructures or for decision-making that can affect citizens' rights, will be subject to stricter rules. These include requirements for transparency, safety, and accountability, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting.

The purpose of the AI Act is to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used in a way that is safe, transparent, and in accordance with fundamental rights and values in the EU. Companies that do not comply with these rules risk substantial fines and damage to their reputation.

AI Act

Why choose Leave A Mark?

With over 20 years of experience in information security and compliance, Leave a Mark Consulting Group is a trusted partner for companies looking to strengthen their security and compliance posture.

Our approach is not just to offer short-term solutions, but to build long-lasting partnerships that provide enduring value. We ensure that all our AI solutions are ethical, reliable, and comply with the highest standards for data protection.

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