What is CISO Services?

"CISO" stands for "Chief Information Security Officer" and is responsible for establishing and maintaining the company's vision, strategy, and programs to ensure that IT security, information assets, and technologies are adequately protected.

CISO specialists perform risk assessments, implement security measures, and more.

Full-time or part-time? 

Often, a smaller company does not require a full-time CISO. In such cases, a part-time CISO can be a really good solution as it provides the same level of expertise as a full-time position, while also offering flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

CISO services
The areas of work for a CISO
Examples of what the work of a CISO could include:
Consulting on:
"Best practices" in connection with IT security.
"Best practices" in connection with IT design.
and development of:
Personnel handbook in information security.
IT security policies/procedures
Risk assessment
Emergency procedure
Answering security/Compliance forms in relation to customers and offers
Help in connection with security breaches, e.g. ransomware.
Project management in connection with external audit.

Why should an organization hire a CISO?

Effective information security

CISO specialists protect your data from evolving threats and provide tailored security solutions. We identify risks and implement proactive measures to safeguard against attacks. Our goal is to deliver effective information security and ensure a reliable IT infrastructure.

Risk assessment and management

Identify and protect against threats with our risk assessment. Our CISO specialists analyze your IT infrastructure and develop protection solutions. We assist you in establishing robust security measures to safeguard your data.

Compliance with security standards

Our CISO services include knowledge of applicable regulations and help you maintain compliance. We implement the necessary procedures and ensure that your company adheres to the relevant standards and regulations.

Incident handling and response 

Respond quickly and effectively to security breaches with our incident management. Our CISO specialists develop a response plan that helps minimize damage, restore systems, and reduce downtime. With CISO services, you can proactively handle security incidents and mitigate potential consequences.

Strong security culture

While investing in a pentest or vulnerability scanning may seem costly, the expenses associated with a data breach can be much higher. In addition to the direct costs of data recovery and addressing security vulnerabilities, there can also be indirect costs such as lost business, customer distrust, and damage to the company's reputation.