Hvem er Leave a Mark Consulting Group?

We are a consulting company that focuses on creating a positive and value-creating experience for our customers and contributing to strengthening their business for future growth, which from our name "Leave a Mark"  

Med mere end 150 års samlet erfaring inden for data- og informationssikkerhed samt andre standarder er vi specialiserede i at arbejde på alle niveauer i organisationer og føre projekter til succesfuld implementering. Vores mål er at være verdens førende inden for vores felt. 

Leave a Mark is proud to be ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified, as well as the D-Mark and you can see our certificates by clicking on the respective standards. These certifications are a recognition of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security and privacy protection, as well as a guarantee that we have the necessary experience to implement a standard or regulation.

Vores kontor

Our values


Professionalism is a key value for Leave a Mark Consulting Group. We strive to act competently and ethically, maintain high standards and provide excellent quality services.

Our dedication to professionalism in all aspects of our work ensures that our clients and business partners have confidence in us and our ability to meet their needs.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our company. We prioritize meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations, which creates long-lasting and rewarding partnerships.

We adapt our solutions to each customer and strive to provide exceptional service. 


With our extensive experience and expertise, we are proud to be among the world leaders in our field. We specialize in data and information security and are always up to date with the latest trends and best practices.

Our in-depth knowledge and continuous focus ensure that we can deliver valuable and effective solutions to our customers.

Earn you value

Earn you value is an internal principle that we believe contributes to promoting expertise, customer satisfaction and employee well-being. The principle, in all its simplicity, is that everyone should be able to earn their own salary, this is done through high expertise, high customer and employee satisfaction.





"Since our CEO Helle Friborg in 2003 began implementing the first EU regulation in Copenhagen Airport, it has been going fast implementing projects within management, data and information security, such as IS027001 and GDPR."