The D-Mark Certificate

The world's first certification scheme for digital responsibility is now on the streets and several companies have already been certified. The D-label, which Industriens Fond together with Dansk Industri, Dansk Erhverv, SMVdanmark and Forbrugerrådet Tænk are behind, must make IT security and responsible data use a strong position for Danish companies.

Information about the D-mark certificate

The D-mark certificate is Denmark's new labeling scheme for IT security and responsible data use.

The D-label certificate creates digital security for customers and consumers and digital responsibility for companies.

In this way, the D-label helps to prevent a potential digital crisis of confidence between the population, companies and authorities.
The purpose is to promote IT security and responsible data use by:

  • Give the Danish business community a solid boost for IT security and responsible data use.
  • Provide business value for the individual company.
  • Create security for the companies' customers and partners.
  • Make IT security and responsible data use a Danish position of strength

The D-mark is relevant for all types of companies. 

The D-label certification is based on recognized, international frameworks from European and national councils, committees and working groups, so that the label can be disseminated at European level and to a greater extent to internationally oriented companies.

Read more about the process and the criteria HERE

Read more about the D-mark certification HERE


Need help getting D-marked certified
We have been part of the advisor team to the D-mark certificate and therefore have a really good insight and understanding of what it takes to become D-mark certified. Contact us on +45 535 27000