What is the D-Mark Certificate?

The world's first certification scheme for digital responsibility is now on the streets and several companies have already been certified. The D-label, which Industriens Fond together with Dansk Industri, Dansk Erhverv, SMVdanmark and Forbrugerrådet Tænk are behind, must make IT security and responsible data use a strong position for Danish companies.

The D-mark is Denmark's new labeling scheme for IT security and responsible data usage. It promotes digital trust among customers and consumers and encourages digital responsibility among businesses.

In this way, the D-label helps to prevent a potential digital crisis of confidence between the population, companies and authorities.


Why choose the D-mark certificate?

First and foremost, the D-mark enhances the credibility of your company. It is a recognized labeling scheme for IT security and responsible data usage. It ensures that your company follows recognized international standards and guidelines, helping to meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines or sanctions related to data protection.

The D-mark also contributes to creating confidence among your customers and partners. It demonstrates that you take their data protection and privacy seriously, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive recommendations.

Read more about the The criteria for the D-mark here.

Benefits of choosing the D-mark certificate

  • Increased credibility and reliability.
  • Differentiation from competitors.
  • Compliance with recognized standards and guidelines.
  • Builds trust among customers and partners.
  • Opens up new business opportunities.
  • Signals a prioritization of IT security and responsible data usage.
  • Promotes a positive image and reputation.
  • Contributes to preventing digital trust crises.
  • Strengthens customer relationships and customer loyalty.
  • Contributes to protecting data and privacy.

Who should choose the D-mark certificate?

The D-mark is relevant for all types of businesses. It is based on recognized international frameworks from European and national councils, committees, and working groups, allowing the label to be spread on a European level and increasingly to internationally oriented businesses.

We have been part of the advisor team to the D-mark certificate and therefore have a really good insight and understanding of what it takes to become D-mark certified.